When was the last time you were amazed?

Life can get pretty predictable, even in United States.


The Maldives

Home of award winning beaches

Romance? Champagne and strawberries!
Maldivians know the importance of a romantic setting.
10 hours away from you...


Green oasis of the Indian ocean

Everybody loves rainbows.
Mauritians know where they all end.
8 hours away from you...


Treasure of the Caribbean

When did you last visit a museum?
The people of Cancun have some of the best art critic fish in the world.
12 hours away from you...


Between two oceans

People like to go to the park on Sundays.
Panamanians have an actual rainforest within the city.
11 hours away from you...


The big guava

We all enjoy an occasional relaxing drink.
Tampans take their love for Sangria to another level.
11 hours away from you...


Green city in the sun

Most mornings: coffee & bagel on the way to work.
Kenyans share their breakfasts with friendly giraffes.
5 hours away from you...

San Jose

The capital of Silicon Valley

Friday night is board game night!
San Joseans have the mother of all Monopoly boards.
9 hours away from you...